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Vejle blog planning

Dear all

We have just loaded a letter with the final conclusion for the planing process.
So thank you very much again everybody.

Camilla and Henrik
City of Vejle, Denmark

State of ICE

Hello everybody

Just some information about the state of the planning process now. Thursday next week I will precent the final plan for the Committee for City Development. It was the committee that 1 year ago has agreed in starting the blog planning.
So after this meeting will make our conclusion of the blog planning process.
Until then thank you very much again for your very positive participation.

Henrik, Camilla and Trine









Eduardo y Antonio

August 2009 FILE

download pdf

print quality version in ftp

Celia y Ramón


Hello everybody,

Celia and Ramon views have a very good look! They are so suggestive!

After some thoughts with our team, we propose a set of small changes that could stregthen many of the aims we’ve been dealing with. Though we know our task was focused on Flegmade, we would like to leave this to you to judge before undertaking the rest, and before Morten starts his work.
These are our proposals, none of them mean great changes from the general plan, they are rather adjustments:

1- Space between buildings: shorter when they are placed on the perimeter, larger when they are on Flegmade or inside the green areas in order to keep the ICE as an autonomous area.

2- Free areas on the platform: elimination of some unjustified “L” shaped buildings to free the space and make it wider. Green areas on the platform are not so squeezed; as a result: fewer sectors but wider.

3- Symmetry at Boulevarden: breaking the symmetry by resumming both towers in a single high-rise building on the south (that might be Janne’s jewel) to avoid that monumental/baroque look.

4- Parking vs shopping: placing of all parking areas near the perimeter of ICE and all shopping areas towards Flegmade and the dunes. It would be advisable, though not indispensable, to create the ring road at the expense of our plot.

5- Extension of kindergarten playground by moving the underpass and regularizing the edge in that area.

That’s it. We’re looking forward your opinions.


We don’t think you can imagine how hot it is in Madrid. Nobody can survive without a daily visit to the swimming pool!

Antonio Eduardo team

download PDF


Dear friends, tomorrow will be uploaded a file with a small checking of the plan from us, for you to consider before we attack our task.
We haven’t added Julie, Trine and Anette’s (and Jannes’s) remark about the covered tunnels, but think it’s appropiate.
Best regards from Spain summer!

Antonio Eduardo team


Celia y Ramón

ICE 09_06_09 dwg file

Click here to download ICE09_06_09.dwg

Hello, you can download here dwg_file, these files are in Vejle Ftp too.

We are pleased about positive comments about the proposal and we agree with them, for us it´s very interesting the quickly work interchange with Antonio and Eduardo team.

Respect the comment about “purple circle”, we agree with Camilla and Henrik comments, and we think it could be very interesting include program as ITinformation, exhibitions .. relationed with new tecnologies, we are going to think about it to make some suggestions, it could be a good opportunity to introduce programs in relation with “Smart community” concept.

Best regards.
Celia and Ramón.

ICE 09-06-09

Hello everybody,

We have been working about Trine, Juliet and Anette proposal, and resume our proposal for ICE in ICE09_06_09 pdf file as well we are working in 3d model of ICE, we are making some 3d views that we¨ll upload soon. Anyway when Eduardo and Antonio team finish their work, we can update some views to incorporate their proposal.

About ICE, as we said, we like main ideas of Trine, Juliet and Annete last proposal, we have been working in adjust in some ways public elements, really in dune elements and dune squares.

we have been working about these aims:

1- Permeability North to South, we propose a pedestrian and bicycle route from North to South, connecting School area with Kindergarten area.

2- Adjust Dune elements, reduce slope area and introduce activities in dune squares. We like very much the concept of living street for the main street of Trine, Juliet and Anette proposal, and we think that Dune squares in that proposal were a bit isolated spaces, so we have integrated dune squares in “living street concept” by:
- Reduce slope area , so some shops areas can have facade to streets and to dune squares, so by some shops you can access from the street to dune squares.
- Move some building in order to make more fluid the relation of main street with dune squares.

About building, we are working about them in 3d views, and we have some doubt about the situation of 7/8 storeys buildings, we think it could be more interesting move them or introduce one more as Janne proposed , we haven´t changed them because we don´t know if is possible change it or there is any strong reason for their situation. Anyway we are going to upload dwg file at ftp, for next team (Eduardo /Antonio)

Now, we are making the views, but we think that is possible that Eduardo and Antonio team start to work, and for us it could be very interesting to coordinate in some ways with their team .

Best regards.

Celia and Ramon .

Click here to download ICE 09-06-09 Pdf file.

ICE 09-06-09 files are in the ftp too


Hello Ramon and Celia,
I think there is a problem of coordination among us, as we are working at the same time on the same items.
So I think we will wait for your sketches and comment them before we go on.

Antonio and Eduardo