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More on ice..

Janne, I think your proposal includes both good and bad points, which I will summarise as follows:
> parking out of the central part of the area allows to set the centre free from traffic; therefore, the goal of designing a 30 db(A) district (as planned by the Europan programmatic framework) can reasonably be [...]

ICE in dwg

I made a dwg-file where the idea can be measured and estimated more precisely.  Dwg can be found from the nethotel from SM010 folder. Notice the new layers. By switching them on and others off, you will see the phasing how the ICE can grow from the center to the borders of the design area.  I [...]

Giant Robot - Public = Shopping

suggested by Janne

Realego report about ICE

Hello everybody
First, we want to congratulate Janne for the proposal, we think that It´s very suitable for the planning.
The sections clarify the proposal, we understand the place as a permeable space, where the communication between main levels is continuous. The levels scheme seems to us very interesting,
we have especial interest for “dune” elements,  first because [...]

Ice Section pdf file

click here to download ICE file

Ice: progression sections

Good sunday morning.
I place here the schematic sections about the ice. They are  in pdf 7 pages in A5 horizontal.
I hope they will clarify the idea of ice in 3rd dimension even though they are just sections in 2d.
Yours, Janne

ICE file

click here to download ICE file


Hello everybody.
We place our first conceptual study (in pdf) here in gallery (I don’t know if it is a proper place?). It should work as an opening for the discussion about the site and what we should do for it.
I hope that we could find some common ground - something that we can all agree - [...]

some people working in close

Glad to bee in

Thanks to Henrik for the new username.
I´am looking forward to see the first plans.  Hopfully we can asist each other during the holl process.
Best regards