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Archive for February, 2009

Problem with uploading af pdf file

Hello Ramón and Celia
You make a great work to develope the blog, and it is more easy to use now. So very fine.
I have just had a problem to upload a pdf file. I cannot se the file but only the name of the file in my massage.
I have tried to use the buttoms “add [...]

State of the planning process

Hello everybody
Thank you very much for all your comments to the first proposal from Janne. There have been a lot of good remarks to make the first idea better, and generally we agree with all the comments.
We think that we now have to progress in drawings to make the ice idea more visuel og detailed [...]

About blog system

Hello everybody,
We have been working in technical aspects about the blog , that you suggested us.
In this sense you have some basic instructions to insert posts and files into the blog. You can find these instructions on blog top, (Short instructions tab) or click here to see “short instructions“. If one of you have any [...]

Test mail

( proving some improvement in the system )

TEST mails

If you are reading this text in your mail, congratulations.
The TEST was right.
Please send a mail advice me.
( proving some improvement in the system )

The landscape of ice.

The point to make a townscape on typology of ice is relevant because the landscape in DK is in several places shaped by the ice and the water from melting ice.
I have noticed the plan creative and attractive made upon the inspiration from typology of ice. The shape of the buildings in the area is [...]

comments team7100.pdf

comments team7100
click here to download comments team7100 file

Comments from Trine, Julie and Anette

Comments 04.02.09
Practical questions:
-          For the muncipiality of Vejle: You were talking about an updated time schedule, are we following the draft for a timescedule or are we getting a new one?
Comments on the concept ‘Flegmade on ICE’:
-          We think that the concept should go more on permeability, connections and context topography, and not so much [...]

ICE on 3d.pdf

ice on 3d
click here to download ICE on 3d file

Ice map phases .pdf

ice map phases
click here to download ICE file