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Vejle blog planning

Dear all
Thank you very much for a very possitive response and good commnet from everybody. We agree in everything so just go ahead.
We have put names in the time schedule afteer your advises and try to uplaod the file. I still have a problem to do it the wright way but it must manage.
best regards Camilla [...]

Antonio and me have just finished a work (a project that also comes from Europan) so we’ve been very busy until this week.
If all of you agree I think we could take charge of “Special working in designing Flegmade as draft for solving use for cars, pedestrians, cyclist etc. and an architectural design in connection [...]

Vejle Blog planning

Hello everybody
Thank you for all the ideas and comments afterwards.
I think we must keep the ice -idea as I have said before. So this is the task to develope more and you have to continue thinking in this idea.
We have made a new time schedule, and we must finish the job latest 1.7.09. And indeed I think [...]

Proposal BF300


Vejle blog

Hello everybody
We have now 3 proposals to evaluete.  I think everybody has evalueted Jannes draft.
One from Morten, one from Allesandro and one from Belén, Fernando and Cristina.
I do not know if you have any comments now. If you have please send a comment.  Else I will try to make a conslusion for the project in [...]