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short instructions

Short instructions to make posts

First step: Log in

You have must been logged into the blog, in this sense you must click the button sited in the end of the right column, as image 01 show you

Click here to see image 01

After that, you will see a new screen, where you must insert your log in and password.
Click here to see image 02
Advice1: If you don´t have your password send us a mail and we´ll give you a password.
Advice 2: Be careful with capital letter and small letter.

Second step: Quick Post

If you are logged, you will see your Dashboard screen.
In Dashboard right side you can see the QUICKPRESS box, write a title, introduce your text in content and click publish button . And you post is done!!
Click here to see image 03. DASHBOARD.

Other post option.

Insert images, videos or pdf  files in your post.
In QuickPress box , down of  title you have the Upload/Insert menu, there are
four icons: 1- images 2 –video 3-sound files 4- other files (included pdf

The proceed is the same for the different
 kinds of files, so we´ll explain how to insert

First:  Click the forth icons (the star) and a new windows will open


Click here to see image 04. Insert upload menu

Second:. Upload a file

To upload a pdf file of your PC, click on “Select files”, select of your PC the pdf file you want to upload and click over open.
The pdf
 file is uploading
Third: Insert into your post.
When the pdf is uploaded, you will see a new Windows , and if you click on Insert into post, the pdf files will be linked in your post. 


Another way to make post. (Advanced option)

At the left side of the dashboard, you can see post menu, here there is some options: If you click on Add new, you can add your post and you have more edition option to edit the text.

When you finish your post , don´t  forget to click on Publish, sited on the right side of the screen.

To add images or pdf files is the same proceed that we explain previously 

These are short instruction to use the blog, but you can explore more options in your dashboard. (edit your profile, edit tours post…etc)

Possible problem.
After you write a post and in the same session you try to write another post, the visual editor ( the icons with editing options) probably has disappeared
. This is a problem we are trying to solve. But while we get the solutions, if you log out, and you log in again, the visual editor will be there.