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Two weeks in progress!

Hello everybody,
it’s our turn, so we’ve just organized a “sub-network” with all the people that took part in our proposal two years ago; they all were students, but now most of them are already architects. So our work will be done by Lleyda-delaPeña & Gordo-Farina-Aragon-dePaz-Anton-DiazChyla-Conradi-Bazo.
Congratulations for all your work, we find all comments quite interesting.

-To be practical, we are working with Anette, Julie and Trine proposal. Janne’s “7 brothers” is also good, and we understand his interest to cross Flegmade with those North-South lanes, but we agree Henrik’s wish to keep the area as a more compact space and to enrich Flegmade with urban highlights. Anyway, 3d images are really amazing and compatible with both projects.

-So now Morten and Ramon&Celia are working on 3d studies. Don’t you think it would be better to wait until we send our work in two weeks? Perhaps we introduce some components that should be considered in the images. Or maybe you should go on as part of the process and final images should be done with the definitive results…

-Although we’re working to define Flegmade, we’ve found in our first meeting three matters that could improve the general plan:
1-Creating a ring lane (as in “7 brothers”)could be fine, and it’s very easy to arrange; the south-north lane should end in another lane to work properly.
2-We’re very worried about the symmetry that has been generated at Boulevarden. It reminds pre-war design and we find it a little unnatural.
3-Is there any reason to handle with so many “L shaped” buildings? Could buildings along Flegmade, for instance, take a more linear shape? Besides, we think the relation between new buildings and the podium in Janne’s proposal should be recovered for the section.

Up with ICE!

Antonio and Eduardo

Work in progress

Hello everybody,

About “Internet Collaborative Experience 09/05/27” , we mostly agree with Janne and Saara last comment.

We find very positive Trine, Anette and Julie work about buildings, parking zone and commercial zone in a suitable scale to divide the proposal in different phases.

Now, we think that the podium and dune elements must be adjusted into a more suitable scale working in these targets.

1- Permeability North to South for pedestrian connections, for us these connections must be integrated in the plan, but not as limit.
2- Scale podium and connecting podiums with their surroundings in a most organic way.
3- Define dune elements, not only as a field but introducing step and other elements, in order to add use diversity to these elements, and that these elements work in a suitable scale for the system.

What do you think about it? We are going to prepare some sketches about these points and about building guidelines this week, before making some views of the proposal, we think is important for the proposal to define this public scale into its context.

About 7 brothers we find interesting elements scale, and we like the views very much, for us these views suggest us the proposal ambient , for us it´s very interesting, because these views get the urban diversity we are looking for.
About the new functional scheme that 7 brothers propose we find “Internet Collaborative Experience 09/05/27” scheme more suitable because of the elements scale and use organisation. So we are to work about “Internet Collaborative Experience 090527” scheme, but introducing positive aspects of 7 brothers.

About the Experiencia/Futuros Contest, as we know it is an exhibition at time Spanish Architects Congress in Valencia, but if we have notice about some publications or events relationated we contact with all of you. Sorry for the mistakes in the poster, we will solve them.

So this week we are working about ICE, please send us any comments that can help us in our work,

Best regards.
Celia and Ramón.


Hello everybody

We are really happy to communicate to all of you that INTENSIFYING.EU (European Virtual Scene of Work) has been selected as a project to exhibit in the next Spanish Architecture Congress.

It is the first Architectural Spanish Congress in the last 13 years. We paste and translate for you the mail wrote by Carlos Hernandez Pezzi, the headmaster of CSCAE (Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España) the main institution about Architecture in our country.

Congratulations to all of you, and we hope that this new give to all of us trust about our ICE project.

Madrid, 25 of May of 2009

Dear friend,

In relation to the Experiencia/Futuros Contest, in that you have participated, it is a pleasure to me, communicate you that the Jury, after examining of detailed way all the presented/displayed projects and establishing an intense debate, has emitted his failure.

This deliberation has been enormously difficult due to the great amount and level of presented/displayed proposals. I am pleased comunicate to you that the Jury has decided that your project “European Virtual Scene of Work” comprises of the exhibition that will take place in the Congress of Architects of Spain days 1, 2 and 3 of July. More sinceresly congratulations receive from me.

I take leave, not without first congratulate to you again, and to be thankful for your participation.

It receives a strong hug,

Carlos Hernandez Pezzi
Headmaster of CSCAE

Best Regards and Congratulations to all of you

Celia Garcia
Ramón Francos

Vejle blog planning

Hello Everybody

We have had a meeting with Anette, Julie and Trine, and they will now make a updated entry to Wednesday 27. May where all the comments from you should be intergrated in the plan - it is not that easy but let us see.
And thank you for all your comments too.

All the best
Camilla and Henrik

For wednesday…

Good evening everyone.

We were happy to see that you have proceeded in the project. Vejle citys comments were right. Before wednesdays meeting we would like to add some comments too in the form of hand drawn scetches. They can be found from / europan flegmade blogplanning / SM010 folder named as “7brothers”.pdf

1) Permeability is increased (in north-south direction) and blocks are divided in to smaller ones.

2) Spaces for the commercial functions on the groundfloor plinth are enlarged (now it is easy to have superstores there too if needed). There is enough space for the arcades too if we want to protect the pedestrians from the rain on Flegmade. On the rear corners of the groundfloor plinth we have placed smaller commercial spaces for rent. They can be also studios, workshops or storages
depending on the markets. At the same time every block will have their own semi private yard level on the top of the groundfloor spaces.

3) Dunes will function as an oasis along the pedestrian paths. Images Julie, Trine and Annette recently showed (the sloping greens and so on), were brilliant. Now we will situate them inside the closed urban environment. This will be kind of a surprice for the citizens, something you could not expect so easily. You can have access from the parking spaces to the pedestrian paths wich will lead you eventually to Flegmade shopping

4) Car traffic is directed to the perimeters of the design area. From there you will have several access points to the extensive garages below the yard levels. Flegmade could be either oneway or twoway, but no cars or parking places between the blocks anymore.

5) Number of storeys can be adjusted freely according the position of the specific building site and its relation to the surroundings.

6) Buildings for housing and offices are like pieces or parts of the fortress walls. Taller and lower parts. They are situated on the top of the yardlevel.

7) Public use buildings in the crossing point of Flegmade and Boulevard should be “extreme architecture”. We present them as twins. One is introverted and the other is extroverted. Both are perverted! :) (They could be much more than we show in our sketch but it is going to be the next step to design them properly). Anyway, they will have one foot on the ground in the corner. The rest of their body will stand on the top of the yard
level where the yard for the school might be for instance.

8) A new buildingtype is also introduced here. A button. Buttons are cubic buildings wich stand inside the courtyards. Some of them are cantilivering bravely above the dunes. Their height can also be fixed. Do you like them to be tall or maybe lower than the perimeter wall buildings? Direct access is provided from the parking garages to every level above.

9) Flegmade is a plain street with lines of trees on both sides of the street. Sidewalks on both sides of Flegmade. On every pedestrian path crossing, there
is a broadened ending of the path and the line of trees. Also the paving will change here to something more valuable. On these spots we will have urban square like spaces for the terraces of coffees, bars and restaurants.

10) Lightwells on the yardlevels are incorporated to the scheme too. They were great! Can we grow a tree through them? It would be a “treewell” then.

All in all. We feel fine right now. It is going to be very nice task for every group to design their own block - one of the 7 brothers.

Good luck with your meeting.


Janne and Saara Repo

of course we agree the “rule breaking”, we think now is most important to be efficient and to get a good plan for the other teams to continue.
We don’t consider necessary to add any other comment to Henrik and Camilla’s ones. Only one suggestion: in order to keep Flegmade as a more closed urban space, could the secondary lanes start and end at Flegmade street?
Thank you Julia, Trine and Anette for your work, it’s very good. We’re looking forward that updated plan.

Antonio and Eduardo

Vejle blog planning

Dear all

Thank you very much for a very possitive response and good commnet from everybody. We agree in everything so just go ahead.

We have put names in the time schedule afteer your advises and try to uplaod the file. I still have a problem to do it the wright way but it must manage.

best regards Camilla and Henrik

Antonio and me have just finished a work (a project that also comes from Europan) so we’ve been very busy until this week.
If all of you agree I think we could take charge of “Special working in designing Flegmade as draft for solving use for cars, pedestrians, cyclist etc. and an architectural design in connection with the buildings”, as it was foreseen in the beginning.
We would work on Trine, Julie and Anette conclusions (that will probably assume latest considerations) and we’ll incorporate Janne prototype if it’s ready, so we could send our work on week 21-22.
Sorry for this delay, I hope Spanish proposals will be worthy of the occasion!
As far as I know, Fernando, Belen and Cristina sent a proposal some weeks ago that should be somewhere in the blog. I will ask them (Fernando and me work in the same University) to upload it again.
Congratulations, Celia and Ramon, for your work in Andalusia.

Best Regards,

Eduardo and Antonio

Vejle Blog planning

Hello everybody

Thank you for all the ideas and comments afterwards.

I think we must keep the ice -idea as I have said before. So this is the task to develope more and you have to continue thinking in this idea.

We have made a new time schedule, and we must finish the job latest 1.7.09. And indeed I think also that you not more time to use for the money you have.

This time I have not written a proposal for who is going to work in the different stages, so I hope you will give a massage about what you will like to do.

And if you have questions please ask.

Have a nice day.

Henrik and Camilla

Proposal BF300