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Adding urban diversity in existing neighbourhoods and generating new dynamics.

What kind of urban projects can be proposed to “build the city over the city” in obsolete areas as well as in living districts in order to transform them into multifunctional neighbourhoods?

  7 workteams from different countries thinking simultaneously on common topics, objectives and global proposals. We have joined ourselves to think for new ideas on a urban scale from Vejle, Denmark.

  7 independent teams meeting in order to work on new urban scales based on technology.

  7 teams throughout all Europe, from different places that can create different views, define new documents and propose new ideas, indeed work together thanks to technological advances.

Building the city over the city, by us, means
building Europe over every single European site.

Indeed, the ultimate aim of the European vision of the city is to make society, in other words to bring together people from all condition and origin. However, the dominant trend towards individualisation, the quest for autonomy, cannot be ignored.

This is precisely the spirit of Intensifying for European sites: on one hand wanting the city – i.e animation, communal life, people; on the other hand wanting intimacy, privacy, home and the immediate circle. Undoubtedly our proposal is a local and global, public and private project.

Building the city over the city, by us, means
building Vejle over every single Vejle view.


intensifying 2.0


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